Water Day 2010: Water Succession

We taught succession of our watershed by offering experiences and activites which all had the by-product of improving water quality.

Our offerings:

EM mud balls: Visitors made mudballs and signed up on the mailing list to be a part of the “1 million Apologies to Mother Earth” EM Mud Ball event.

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Maybe we can get One pre New Yorker – 8 million?  Or a gazzzilion and clean up the water all around NYC.

Nature heals nature: One activated EM mud ball will clean up one cubic meter of polluted water!   How many do we need for your local pond or stream or river?

MoS Hudson Valley WATERSHED formulas:  (With or without EM)

  • MoS Watershed Body Mist: People we’re coming back for more and sending their friends!   Refreshing water, with beneficial em and essential oils. Great for skin and cooling on a hot day.
  • MoS Watershed House Cleaning formulas:  Feel good, clean you, clean the house, and clean the water without cleaning your wallet. Tilex is poison and it stinks. I know a house cleaning person Columbian/American who had to stop using it b.c she was getting a bloody nose often.  She knows that natural products work but she uses what her clients buy at the grocery store and it’s making her sick.  The natural products are more expensive at the store.  Brands, marketing and advertising. We consumers believe anything and why not? (even what I am writing)   When we add EM we are adding beneficial microbes. They are successive, nature is healing nature.     Google : natural cleaning recipes.
  • MoS Watershed All-Purpose cleaner: Wash good microbes down the drain!   Use MoS natural product formulas that don’t make fish or people sick inside the house or in our waters.
  • MoS Watershed Laundry soap
  • MoS Watershed Laundry EM Booster: Make  your laundry better!  + Send better water back into the watershed!
  • MoS Watershed Glass Cleaner

I would like communities to use EM and natural homemade products at home. “They should stop dumping kitchen waste but compost it using EM, then pour the liquid that is produced into drains and rivers,” says Abdullah Ismail, director of Jamof, the licensed retailer of EM in Malaysia. He says this EM-enriched solution will help keep drains, sewers and streams clean.

MoS Watershed EM Natural Bubbles:
We were bubbling non-chemical bubbles and spreading activated EM!

Oyster Shell Messages:
We are sending your messages down into the harbor on local oyster shells for the oyster beds that will attract oysters back to the river.

“A single oyster can filter 50 gallons of water a day, removing pollution, plankton and algae”, experts say.

How many oysters will we need?  Where should we start next?

News Link:  Oyster Project halted by FDA in Fishkill

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Oyster Shell Messages

The Masters of Succession were situated at the entrance of Noland Park nest to EarthMatter and their lessons on composting and soil building.  The Masters of Succession this time was orchestrated by Shig, Barbara, Marga, Carol and Dee Dee.

The OYSTER SHELLS were consumed by last week’s patrons of Jimmy’s No. 43.  They are Local Bluepoint Long Island Oysters.
The Harbor School will be adding these shell messages to their Oyster Bed Restoration Project.

Some amazing messages and super drawings we’re placed by adults and children!

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The MoS Collective: Masters of Succession

The MoS Collective is a group of citizens supporting our global bottom line: clean water, air and soil.

It is possible that we can intentionally stimulate succession through our daily routines. The MoS Collective provides playful experiential activities that achieve our global bottom line.

++++   New MoS site at www.MoSCollective.net !!!

However, blog has EM postings and a hair boom posting that the new MoS blog does not have. The WP Export function was not complete in it’s exporting.

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“There is a Chinese proverb that goes, ‘Add humility to intelligence, it becomes wisdom. Add passion or fire to wisdom, it becomes enlightenment,’” Carandang says. “In soil fertility, it’s the same basis, that’s my opinion. It’s the fire that makes the living soil, and the fire is the microorganisms.”

Click on photo for more from photo source.

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EM in Mudballs developed by Dr. Higa

Click the book for a text from Dr. Higa who developed the EM.

Dr. Higa Excerpt from link:

As you will come to understand in greater detail as you read this book, used for agricultural purposes, EM has the ability to turn any type of soil, deserts included, into good, arable land capable of producing harvests many times greater than the current yield, and this totally without the use of pesticides, agricultural chemicals or artificial fertilizers of any kind. It might be immodest on my part to make such a claim, but the agricultural use of EM would seem to provide the ideal natural method of organic farming we have been dreaming about for so long, and it is my hope that it will come to be used in this way on a global scale. I believe the general use of EM agricultural methods has the potential to generate happiness for the individual in all nations everywhere. the realization of personal happiness for all individuals would constitute a positive move that would carry us away from the current social order with its basis on confrontation and competition, and bring us a step nearer to a world united in coexistence and co-prosperity. If this could be achieved, it would mean the end to an age where the principle of military dominance has held sway, and it is my belief that EM has no small role to play at this time of such major changes in the history of the human race.

Technologies and concepts, like that of EM, needed for problem-solving in the coming age of coexistence and universal co-prosperity–even to those for solving something like the energy problem–already exist. All that is required now is to devise a basic structure to ensure they will be used in an absolutely correct manner in the future. I am not for one moment claiming EM to be the panacea for all Earth’s problems, but it is my hope that this book will provide the layman or anyone not intimately connected with the field with some understanding of a technology which is already becoming established as one of the trends in the newly unfolding history of humanity.

Teruo Higa
Okinawa, Japan, August 1993

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Pull up a patch of lawn and plant some veggies

Food Forward goes beyond celebrity chefs, cooking competitions, and recipes to reveal the compelling stories and inspired solutions envisioned by food heroes across America who are striving to create a more just, sustainable and delicious alternative to what we eat and how we produce it.


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Plant paper-bag mushrooms! VT: 7/31

The SPORE Project

Spore Project

Each year, thousands of paper bag “mushrooms” are constructed and “planted” by hundreds of people around the world as part of an awareness program to illustrate the importance of art and creativity in day-to-day life. In the past, organizations, individuals and classrooms in 15 countries across the globe have planted more than 10,000 paper art mushrooms.

Learn the importance of mushrooms to ecosystems and as a food source for humans and animals.  Participants will walk the VINS trails looking for mushrooms, learn mushroom identification techniques and try some tasty wild edible mushrooms cooked during the class.


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Healthy Home Workshop, 8/16

This hands-on workshop led by Liz Neves, Healthy Home Consultant from Raganella and participant of MoS.

• Make your own customized, non-toxic, non-polluting cleaning products : New Yorkers who drink water will thank you!
• Identify everyday household products that may be harmful to your health
• Learn about plants that filter out toxins in your home
• Walk away with skills you can apply right away


Monday, August 16  at Sun In Bloom 6:30 to 8:30:  460 Bergen Street Brooklyn, NY 11217

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Talk with Andrew Faust 7/27

” We will explore the spiritual, ethical and moral aspects of practicing a deep appreciation for the Earth, and the spiritual relationship between human beings and our ecology. Ecological crisis is interrelated with spiritual crisis and comes from an absence of a sense of the sacred and from a lack of awareness that our own well-being is intrinsically and inseparably interwoven with the well-being of the Earth. By becoming responsible stewards of the Earth, we can begin to heal human communities, spiritually and ecologically. We can live with vitality and abundance through locally-adapted, biologically- and community-powered infrastructures that cooperate with ecological health, and we can embrace educational models that enhance the evolution of ecological consciousness.”

Tue 7:00 PM
Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center

243 West 24th Street, New York, NY 10011    212-255-4560

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