The MoS Collective produces festive installations within larger events. We conduct activities that teach us how to live so our living by-product compliments the bottom line of clean water, air and soil.

Collectively we are:

  • Sustainability professionals that inspire a collaborative culture of new thinking and unconventional ideas that create change in unexpected ways
  • Educators, artists, and improvisers who create playful experiential activities for kids and adults
  • Master, city certified, composters and other active composters
  • Scientists, ecologists and other earth-based disciplines that sustain human culture

1. Soil succession activities

  • An array of compost bin presentations and interactions
  • Sow a Seed: we provide paper pots in which to add our rich soil and plant a bean seed. Grow it in your window.
  • Soil viewings: Compare local and international soil samples
  • Fruit Smoothies:  peddle power blender bike makes fruit smoothie.  Fruit waste make good eats for the worm bin!
  • Contributing food waste of festive people to our compost bins
  • Soil Dancing: Professional dance and improv performances on a gigantic pile of soil
  • Kids play: 3 yr old leaf compost for kids to play and learn sifting.

2. Water succession activities

  • Education on water issues
  • Add a wish on an oyster shell. Oyster shells will be added to oyster beds to attract more oysters to the harbor to clean the water.
  • Rain gardens education and sample plants that work to absorb rain run-off.
  • Combined sewer overflow (CSO) and storm water management
  • Solutions to keep our water healthy by making it cleaner from the source on down
  • Fun watershed and wetlands participatory tasks

3. Air succession activities

  • Awareness surrounding air quality indoors and out
  • Solutions to keep our air healthy through plant-based filtration systems and reduction of fossil fuel burning
  • Increasing the fun and quality in our life by creating cleaner air
  • Creative participatory things to do with air (music, kite-flying, dancing)

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